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Services that we can provide

We can provide a variety of services and advanced web features. Click the panels for further details or definitions.
Go to the Rates page for an idea of cost. Some advanced features may incur additional charges.

Design your site

Our emphasis is to design a site reflecting your needs.

To do this we will:

  • Talk to you about what you want the website to achieve (sales, publicity, networking etc).
  • Discuss colour, style, layout and logos.
  • Put together the text for the site.
  • Explore options for email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter integration.
  • Design a preview page, and put it up so you can look at it, without publishing it to the wider internet.
  • Once you have looked at the preview page, we can discuss changes and get the site finished!

Find a domain name

This is the website address that your site will use. Common examples would be:


Businesses tend to use the ‘’ suffix, if trading purely within the UK or ‘.com’ if they have international interests. Individuals can use either.

Charities usually use the ‘’ or ‘.org’ suffix.

We can discuss the best available names for you.

Your email

Your email address will reflect the domain name, for example;

You can have several email addresses running from the same site.


Using a digital camera and editing software we can include detailed photos of you, your company or charity.

Photos can be blended to create panoramas, altered in tone or creatively blurred.

They can be put anywhere on the page, or setup to view in galleries.

There is no reasonable limit on the number of photos included in your site.

Church at night replacement image

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Text content

With experience in professional copy-editing, Stephen Wawman would be happy to write the text for your site.

This would be following detailed discussion with yourself and open to alteration afterwards as you wish.

You are, of course, free to write your own text or include previously produced information concerning your company or charity.

All copyright must be respected.


Your fee includes the cost of minor modifications to the website during the year. This would include alterations of photographs, changes to phone numbers or small changes to the text.

Changes such as site redesign, addition of pages or adding multiple photos would be charged at a mutually agreed rate.

Running items such as RSS feeds, newsletters, blogs and forums is not covered in the annual fee, but can be arranged.

Please Contact us to discuss possible options.


Using techniques such as CSS hover effects and JavaScript we can introduce movement to your page to make user interaction a fuller experience.

Search Optimization

Most people will look for your site through a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. These use complicated search ‘robots’ to trawl the internet and index all the pages they find.

To increase the chances of your page appearing near the top of the search results we 'optimize' your site, helping the search robots to find the key words relevant to you.

Despite this, it is impossible to guarantee a high ranking in search results, and changes make take some time to appear.

Browser testing

To view pages on the internet you need a Browser. The are four main browsers in current use are:

  • Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
  • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • Chrome (Google)
  • Safari (Apple)

(Source: Wikipedia)

In theory, all browsers should display websites in exactly the same way, but in practice this is not the case. Spacing or text may appear differently, pictures may overlap text and the overall effect of the page is ruined. So we test our websites against all these browsers to make sure that all your visitors see a professional site.

Social Networking

Many people nowadays use social networking sites to hear about new products and ideas or to communicate with friends. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites every day.

We can help you link to Facebook or Twitter accounts and use them to advertise you, your products, your company and your charity.


RSS newsfeeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a method of publishing frequently undated news to the web. They are often used for news headlines or blog entries.

Most browsers support this format, and there are several stand-along readers available. As a new article is added to the feed it automatically pops up on the subscriber’s RSS reader.

Each article consists of a headline, a description and, sometimes, a link to a fuller story or webpage. RSS feeds are an ideal way to keep your customers or friends informed of new products, events or anything else!


Video and audio files can be added to your site, either for those visiting to download or to play directly in the browser.

Podcasts offer a way of getting audio or video files out to your visitors on a regular basis, without them having to visit your site repeatedly. They simply subscribe to the feed as they would for RSS newsfeeds.

Blogs & Forums

Blogs are another way of keeping your visitors up to date on changes, events and news, but this method allows them to leave comments in response to your blog items.

Forums provide an alternative method for your visitors to interact on your site, exchange ideas, or comment on your news.


If you have a product to sell why not use the internet to open up a world-wide market.

We can set an internet eshop up for you, using PayPal, a secure and recognised system for transferring funds.

This would incur additional charges, please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

If you are a charity, a method for your visitors to Donate can be added to your site.

Password protection

We can protect a page or whole area of your website with a password. This can be used to restrict access to a particular group or individuals, or to set up a system of user-access levels.

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